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Special European edition of 4, includes three bonus tracks, a 16-page booklet with photos and lyrics, and a 12-page pamphlet containing English translations, liner notes and interview. A limited edition T-shirt version is also available. Click here for more info about 4

01. ROCKIN’ OUT <watch the music video>
02. Firestarter <watch the music video>
03. I’m a Believer <watch the music video>
05. Far Away
06. NO-ID (featuring JASMINE)
07. Darekanosei
08. EZ Going
09. Someday, Somewhere
10. 4 LIFE
11. Imagination <watch the music video>
12. Stand by Me
13. JUST LIKE THIS 2015 [bonus track]
14. Genjyou Destruction (live) [bonus track]
15.LAST MOMENT (live) [bonus track]

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