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KEMURI – Ska Bravo (CD)

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RELEASE DATE: 30 September 2016
Japan’s ska-punk pioneers KEMURI celebrate their first tour of Great Britain (with legends Less Than Jake!) by unleashing best album Ska Bravo through JPU Records.

This UK exclusive edition of Ska Bravo sees KEMURI’s original members join forces, along with their live support musicians, to cover and re-record 14 of their greatest tracks, taken from a career spanning three decades.

Some of the highlights include their ultimate anthem “PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)”, “Standing in the rain” with its lyrics paying homage to Madness, and “New Generation” which originally appeared on their debut album Little Playmate, released by ROADRUNNER JAPAN in 1997.

In total Ska Bravo features 12 energy-filled songs sung entirely in English, one instrumental piece and four tracks in Japanese. The latter have their lyrics translated into English for the first time in the album’s 16-page booklet, along with transliterations that allow fans to sing along phonetically, without needing to be fluent in Japanese.

Famed illustrator and manga writer Taiyo Matsumoto also returns. The Tekkonkinkreet creator’s first and only other time to work with KEMURI was on the artwork to Little Playmate. This time round Matsumoto has supplied art for the cover, booklet, backcard and CD, while the inlay features a selection of photos from KEMURI when they toured the United States last year.

1. New Generation [watch live video]
2. Prayer
3. I am proud [watch music video]
4. Standing in the rain [watch music video]
5. 白いばら (Shiroibara)
6. ima-sorewo-hikarini-kaete-susume!
7. Ohichyo
9. Slow Lights
11. Ve-Ri-Ha
12. Ato-Ichinen [watch music video]
13. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) [watch music video]
14. Along The Longest Way…