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Includes translated lyrics into English and Romaji PLUS! Song by song history, including the band's comments on each track in English for the first time!

01. Far and Beyond (Haruka Kanata) [video]
02. Piece of the Future
03. Understand
04. A Flower Named You [video]
05. Rewrite [video]
06. To Your Town [video]
07. Loop & Loop [video]
08. Black Out [video]
09. Blue Train [video]
10. A Town In Blue [video]
11. After Dark [video]
12. Rockn' Roll, Morning Light Falls On You [video]
13. Mustang [video]
14. Fujisawa Loser [video]
15. Love song of new century [video]
16. Soranin [video]
17. Marching Band [video]

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